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Blogging in Person

Virtual472_2 I didn't know it, but this year I joined millions of others who work in a "third space" which is not home or office. It's estimated that 30 million Americans are flocking to coffee shops and libraries with WiFi access. They have already been dubbed "Kinko's generation" and "rootless army." See the articles below:

I love being able to work from home, but there are times when I feel isolated. It's the energy I miss - collaborating with others, networking, the spontaneous conversations (blogging in person).

That's when I head to Panera Bread, the bookstore or the library. The coffee/tea is always hot and the food is great. (Just remember to pace yourself with the caffeine - it's caused me to stay up late many nights.)

And sometimes I like the peace and quiet of home. Most of all, I like the flexibility to choose where to work.

What's your favorite work place? Do you frequent a "third space"?

Photo by Fred Mertz for USA TODAY


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